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Jizerka settlement

Korenov / Folk architecture


Osada Jizerka, 46850

The picturesque village of Jizerka is situated in the Jizera Mountains. It is first mentioned as an outlying abode of Czech bird catchers and fanciers in 1539. Due to the occurrence of gems, this village was the subject of a long-lasting dispute between two dominions, which did not end until Jizerka was sold to the Frýdlant dominion. In 1769 the settlement consisted of a mere 7 buildings, but grew to 43, mostly wooden houses of lumberjacks and glass workers, by 1945. In 1828 the glass maker Riedel set up a glassworks to manufacture glass pipes and hollow glass; the ruins of the foundry are still present. Another glassworks plant was built in 1866 and was in operation until 1911. It is used as a boarding house at present. The village was named after the stream that flows through it. Nowadays Jizerka is a picturesque village in the heart of the Jizera Mountains with a few permanent residents. Most of the local houses are used for accommodation of tourist.

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