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Chapel of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary in Karlov, Josefův Důl

Josefuv Dul / Religious monuments


The Karlov settlement now belongs to Josefův Důl and is situated in a shallow valley of the Tichá brook. Along the road stands the stone Chapel of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary with a magic well (it still gushes from the ground – hidden in a wooden hut), which gained considerable fame.

Karlov became a sought after pilgrimage place during all Marian feasts. Even a primitive bath spa used to stand at the miraculous spring. A tale about the spring is told; according to which a farmer ploughed up a picture of a saint in a nearby field and hung it on an old spruce by the well. Over time, his wife became sick and the farmer advised her to bathe in the spring. His wife did so and a miracle happened! She was healed. The place began to be visited by sick people. During processions at Marian feasts even several thousand came to Karlov. A wooden chapel was built close to the well in 1762 and was replaced in 1803 by a stone one according to a decision by Count František Antonín Desfourse. It was rebuilt into its current form in 1865 even though from the 1830s the number of pilgrims had decreased. At the end of the 19th century the Karlov well stopped attracting mountaineers completely.

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