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Apartments Harrachov

Harrachov / Apartments

Harrachov, 51246

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Accommodation in apartments in one of the most famous tourist resorts in the Giant Mountains offers company Accommodation services Harrachov Ing. Ivana Habrová. Apartments are located in various parts of the city Harrachov.

Apartment Harrachov No. 637, 638

Two houses situated next to each other, parking place for guests, possibility to sit on a terrace or to enjoy the garden with a fireplace.

Accommodation is offered:
- in individual rooms with a shower/toilet, TV (satelite). Common fully equipped kitchen and dining room
- in two apartments for 4 – 5 persons, each with two bedrooms and a kitchen, shower/toilet, TV (satelite)
- one luxury apartment for 14 persons, 170 m2, 4 bedrooms, living room with a fireplace, kitchen and dining room, 2 bathrooms, 3 toilets, TV (satelite).

Wifi Internet access.

Apartment Harrachov No. 547

Apartment is situated in the vicinity of a forest, with a possibility to enjoy the garden; parking place for guests.

Accommodation of studio style, breakfast can be included. Luxury apartment – 78 m2 , 4 – 5 persons, bed room, living room with a fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, TV (satelite).

Apartment for 8 – 10 persons – 3 bedrooms, living room with kitchen facilities, 2 bathrooms/toilet, TV (satelite).

Apartment for 4 persons, 2 bedrooms, shower/toilet, kitchen facilities, TV (satelite).

Wifi internet.

Apartments U dolu No. 361, 362

Apartments are situated in the vicinity of a forest and a sport facilities and bowling.
Above standard accommodation in apartment for 4-5 persons and in apartment for 8-10 persons.