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05_cyklotrasy1. The Jára Cimrman Cycle Trail

leads from Návarov via Tanvald to the Breached Dam and the Jizerka – Orle border crossing point. There are nine stations on the trail which recall the master's activities in the region. The cycle trail has been supplemented with a statue of "Jára Cimrman in the fog" on the building of the "Jas Járy Cimrmana" cinema in Tanvald.

2. The cycle trail around the Černá Studnice Ridge

A 40.3 km cycle trip around the spring of the Nisa River and a goat farm

3. The cycle trail around the Vlašský Ridge

A 20 km easy cycle trip from Mořina via Smědava, with a view of the Souš Reservoir

4. The cycle trail around Zlatník

A 16.2 km cycle trail around the birthplace of Antal Stašek and the Štěpánka lookout tower

5. The Souš and Dry Reservoirs Cycle Trail

A 29.5 km route from the Jizerka settlement over several hills around the Breached Dam

Cycling around Štěpánka- www.jizerkyprovas.cz

6. the Flamberka Circuit– 14 km

7. the Planýrka Circuit– 27 km

the Kořenov-Paseky nad Jizerou Cycle Trail

A picturesque trail leading between the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains. The circuit around Kořenov is also suitable for families with small children. The trail is 31 km long (the longer variant is 52 km)

08_cyklotrasa_jizerka8. The Jizerka-Kořenov Cycle Trail

a 50 km trail which shows off the natural bounty of the Jizera Mountains to full effect

www.liberecky-kraj.cz – Always find a way

9. Cyclists and hikers can also use the Jizera Mountains Arterial Network

  www.jizerskamagistrala.cz/cz/ and the chairlift at the Tanvaldský špičák resort (chairlift info on tel.: 731 412 102).

Hiking, teaching trails

10. The Breached Dam Teaching Trail in the Jizera Mountains

recalls the tragedy of 1916 when the dam on the White Desná was breached. The trail is 1 km long.

11. he "Tři izeríny" Teaching Trail

in the Jizerka settlement, the trail is 8 km long.

12. The Jizerka Peat Bog Teaching Trail

An informative, 7.5 km walking trip for the whole family in the environs of the Jizerka Settlement

13_vodopad13. The Jedlový důl and Jedlová Waterfall Teaching Trail

takes walkers to the natural beauty of the nature reserve of the same name. It starts in Josefův Důl, the trail is 2 km long.

14_palackeho_stezka14. The Palacký Trail

leads through the most beautiful section of the Kamenice River Valley under the ruins of the Návarov Castle. It connects with the Rieger Trail in Podspálov and leads along the left-hand bank of the Jizera. The trail is 20.5 km long.

15. The Tanvald Sightseeing Circuit – 15 km

16. The Smržovka Sightseeing Circuit – 12.5 km

Thematic walking trails in Desná

17. In the footsteps of Riedel the glassmaker

a 4 km trail

18. Views of Desná 

a 10.8 km long trail leading to places with good views

19. In search of the secrets of the White and Black Desna Rivers - 17 km

20. The Marian steps

connect Mariánská Hora with Desná. They lead up a steep forested slope and about 350 of them have been preserved. According to legend, there were originally 365 and they included a simple Way of the Cross.

www.liberecky-kraj.cz - Always find a way

21. The Jára Cimrman Lighthouse with a lookout tower and museum in Příchovice is also an interesting tourist destination.


Adrenaline sports

22_tandemove_letani22. Tandem flying

with the option of taking photographs above the Tanvald and Malá Skála areas, the Bohemian Paradise and the Giant Mountains. The most adventurous among you can ascend to an altitude of 1000 metres. Flights depart from the municipality of Radčice. Tel.: 602 439 889, www.tandemcentrum.cz

23. An extraordinary experience during tandem flights

on a motorised three-wheeler with a parachute over Tanvald, Jablonec and Železný Brod, take-off in Zlatá Olešnice. Tel.: 602 773 602, www.letamesi.cz



24. the Signum Laudis Guesthouse in Velké Hamry offers two bowling lanes in the spring, summer and autumn months, tel.: 483 302 353, krbec@raz-dva,

25. at Hotel Příchovice in Příchovice, tel.: 483 399 666, www.hotelprichovice.cz,

26. at Excalibur Bowling in Smržovka, tel.: 777 718 818.

27. at Bar&Bowling Konírna in Josefův Důl, tel.: 602 322 487

Tennis Lovers of the "white sport" can play:

28. at the Výšina TJ Jiskra Tennis Club in Tanvald (tel.: 606 864 445)

29. on the courts in Dolní Smržovka (tel.: 608 754 659)

30. or they will also be welcome at the tennis courts in Desná (tel.: 737 367 438).




152 km of cycle trails have been marked out in the cadastral territory of Stara Kamienica.

31_cyklotrasa31. Cycle Trail no. 32 - THE LESSER KAMIENICA CIRCUIT

A numbered, medium-long trail. The route mainly heads along asphalt and gravel surfaces. It is quite technically demanding on several short sections.


An all-day route, interesting, it connects two mountain municipalities – Szklarska Poręba and Świeradów-Zdrój. A trail of medium difficulty.

33. Cycle Trail no. 7 - THE TWO RIVERS CIRCUIT

A long trail, an all-day trip. The trail mainly consists of gravel tracks, medium difficulty.


A relatively long route. Asphalt and gravel tracks.

35_cyklotrasa_asfalt35. The blue-marked trail

Mirsk – Stara Kamienica – Świeradów-Zdrój – 48 km

Mirsk – Rębiszów – Grudza – Nowa Kamienica – Stara Kamienica – Kromnów – Kromnów Wola – Kopaniec – Chromiec – Antoniów – Boża Góra (Jaroszyce) – Przecznica – Świeradów-Zdrój – Orłowice – Krobica – Mroczkowice – Mirsk

36. The green-marked trail - THE JELENIA GÓRA TRAIL

Radomierz – Janowice Wielkie – Karpniki – Gruszków – Kowary – Miłków – Sosnówka Dolna – Podgórzyn – Sobieszów – Pakoszów –Piechowice – Górzyniec – Kopaniec – Chromiec – Nowa Kamienica – Stara Kamienica – Barcinek – Wrzeszczyn – Siedlęcin – Płoszczyna – Dziwiszów – Komarno – Radomierz – 104 km

37. The yellow-marked trail

Stara Kamienica – the Rozdroże Izerskie intersection – 18.8 km

Hiking, teaching trails

38. The blue-marked walking trail

Pilchowickie jezero – the Captain's Bridge – Wrzeszczyńské jezero – RYBNICA – Rozłóg (533 m) – WOJCIESZYCE – the Church of Saint Barbara – the Zimna Przełęcz saddle (525 m) – Bobrowe Skały (a lookout point) – Polana Czarownic (the Babia Przełęcz saddle 647 m) – Wrzosówka (694 m) – Kozia Szyja (748 m) – Jastrzębiec (792 m) – the Rozdroże Izerskie intersection – Świeradów-Zdrój

39. A teaching trail

The trail has been created by the members of the JELEN hunting association in the territory of the Szklarska Poręba forest and it is 4.5 km long. There are a number of interesting educational texts on 40 panels which have been sensitively placed in the forest landscape. The altruistic work of the hunters and assistance from the regional environmental protection fund (Wojewódzki Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska) hgas given rise to a unique tourist attraction.

40. Chromiec

People who are interested in resting amid nature and expanding their knowledge of the forest and its inhabitants should visit Chromiec. Cyclists should follow the yellow-marked cycle trail there or you can get there by car along the road from the village of Kopaniec to Chromiec. There is a large car park there. The authors of the trail have focussed on changing the stereotypical perception of hunting as a blood sport. The numerous panels will show you, amongst other things, the significant efforts of the hunters and foresters to preserve the natural balance in the environment. We invite you to go for a walk on this trail.

58–512 Stara Kamienica 73
www.starakamienica.pl, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Winter sports

1. The Jizera Mountains Arterial Network

offers over 155 km of groomed cross-country skiing trails - www.jizerskaops.cz

Entrance points and car parks:

2. Albrechtice v Jizerských horách – Mariánská hora

3. Josefův Důl – Peklo

4. Josefův Důl – Hotel Maxov

5. Desná v Jizerských horách – the Souš Reservoir

6. Horní Polubný střed and Václavíkova studánka

7. Jizerka – Mořina

8. the Kořenov Railway Station

9. Martinské údolí

10. Polubný – the car park in front of Polubný (in the direction from Kořenov)

Cross-country skiing areas

11. the Smržovka Cross-Country Skiing Area

track length: ca 3 km, www.smrzovka.cz

12. Josefův Důl - Dolní Maxov

the Lesana Cross-Country Skiing Area – groomed cross-country skiing trails from 500 m to 3 km, of that 800 m under lights www.holidayinfo.cz/zima/


13. the cross-country skiing trails at the U Čápa Příchovice area http://ucapa.eu, www.skiregion.cz

14. the Polubný – training circuits - cross-country skiing trails www.jizerkyprovas.cz/upravene-trasy

15. the Kořenov – Paseky nad Jizerou cross-country skiing circuits www.jizerkyprovas.cz/upravene-trasy


16. standard 2x 7.5 km cross-country skiing trails, www.skiareal.com

17. the SKP "Kolečko" biathlon skiing area


• the Výšina Tanvald cross-country skiing trails – www.tjsebatanvald.cz

Ski slopes

19_spicak19. The Tanvaldský Špičák Ski Areawww.skijizerky.cz

20. The Výšina Tanvald Ski Areawww.lyzovanitanvald.cz

21. The Čertova hora Harrachov Ski Areawww.skiareal.com

22. The Zákoutí Harrachov Ski Areawww.zakoutiharrachov.cz

23_harrachov23. The Amálka – Rýžoviště Harrachov Ski Areawww.jpk.cz

24. The Šaldoland Rýžoviště Harrachov Ski Areawww.saldoland.cz

25. The Hilbert Harrachov Ski Area www.hilbert.cz

26. The Filip Smržovka Areawww.lvfilip.cz

27. The Selský dvůr Ski Area in Albrechtice v Jizerských horách (at the Selský dvůr Guesthouse) – www.selskydvur.jizerky.com

28. The Albrechtice v Jizerských horách Ski Area – the municipal ski tow and Světlý vrch – www.albrechtice-jh.cz

29. U Tomáše Albrechtice v Jizerských horách

30. The U Kapličky – Mariánská hora Ski Area, Albrechtice v Jizerských horách – www.albrechtice-jh.cz

31. The Peklo, Lucifer and Bukovka Josefův Důl Ski Tows - www.skilucifer.cz

32. The Černá říčka Desná Ski Centre - www.cerna-ricka.cz

33. The U Čápa Příchovice Ski Area and Restaurant is also popular thanks to its original ICE bar – http://ucapa.eu, www.skiregion.cz

34. The Rejdice Ski Areawww.skiregion.cz, www.rejdice.cz, www.freeride.cz

35. Jizerský kopec Horní Polubný www.korenov.cz

36. Mýtiny Kořenovwww.sportski.cz

37. The Bavorák Kořenov Ski Tow- www.harrachov.cz/sportcermak

38. The Lesní chata Kořenov Ski Towwww.hotel-lesnichata.cz

39. The Pod Štěpánkou Kořenov Ski Slope – Příchovicewww.korenov.cz

40. The Plavy Ski Resort www.skiplavy.cz

41. The Zlatá Olešnice Ski Resort www.ski.zlata-olesnice.cz


42. Curling Signum Laudis is part of the Signum Laudis Guesthouse which lies at the edge of Velké Hamry

Tel.: 483 302 353, krbec@raz-dva, www.curlingsignumlaudis.cz