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The Tanvald Microregion by bicycle

Wonderful natural nooks, quiet forest tracks, winding mountain roads, panoramic views of the peaks and the valleys of the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains and a number of natural points of interest make the Tanvald Microregion a paradise for all those who love cycling.

Up to 150 kilometres of marked cycle trails connect all 11 municipalities of the Microregion and intersect with important cycle trails in the Bohemian Paradise, the Giant Mountains, the Jizera Mountains and neighbouring Poland. No matter whether you are planning a cycling holiday or just a day trip, many unforgettable experiences await you here!

The main cycle trail in the Tanvald Microregion: in the steps of Jára Cimrman

The main trail in the network of cycle trails in the Tanvald Microregion is known as the Jára Cimrman Cycle Trail or "Around Liptákov by Bicycle" and it is a continuation of trail no. 4248 from Železný Brod.

01-cyklostezka-jary-cimrmanaIt begins in Navarov at the "Rusalka" Guesthouse and leads around the Navarov Château via Lhotka to the place called Na Vrších in Zlatá Olešnice (a cycle trail intersection, see below). From there, it sets off across the ridge above Zlatá Olešnice (wonderful views of the surrounding hills) to the outer areas of Velké Hamry – Bohdalovice and Svárov (the Svárov Strike monument is located in the vicinity of the route) and then via Popelnice to Tanvald-Šumburk (the main nodal cycle trail intersection).

The trail continues to Desná v Jizerských horách as trail no. 3022, then along the White Desná Valley and up to the Breached Dam as trail no. 3019 where it connects to trail no. 3020 leading to the picturesque Jizerka mountain settlement. The connecting trail leads from the local "Na Mořině" car park to the Jizerka–Orle pedestrian border crossing point on the state border. From there, it is possible to continue through Polish territory to Harrachov or to choose any of the marked Polish cycle trails.

Tip: 16 shelters with large hiking maps have been established throughout the entire network of cycle trails in the Tanvald area in order to provide you with places to rest and take shelter from inclement weather. All of these shelters are marked on the map

Jára Cimrman and the Tanvald area

06-majak-jary-cimrmanaJára Cimrman was a Czech genius, dramatist, inventor and traveller whose life is surrounded by many mysteries. The Tanvald area is mentioned several times in the works of Jára Cimrman and the cycle trail was been established in those places which are irrevocably associated with the activities of this great figure from Czech history. The trail includes 9 marked sites which recall Cimrman's heroism, research, acts of discovery, vision and other significant achievements:

  1. the Jára Cimrman Bridge – Jára Cimrman, the builder
  2. the Place of Vision – Jára Cimrman, the visionary
  3. the Swan Inn – Jára Cimrman, the witness
  4. the turn-off to Český Šumburk, the place where J. Cimrman was active – Jára Cimrman, teacher and sportsman
  5. the border of Liptákov – the Sweet Hole in Desná, a place which enchanted J. Cimrman
  6. Mary's Desire – steps up to Mariánská hora, a brilliant idea by Jára Cimrman
  7. Evil Misgivings – the Breached Dam – a view (Jára Cimrman anticipated that it would happen ...)
  8. the view of Silesia (the Italian Ridge in Kořenov) – the Jára Cimrman lookout
  9. the last signs of Jára Cimrman – Jizerka, the border crossing point

The so-called Cimrman "sidestep", from where it is possible to walk or ride along the green-marked track from the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi in Tanvald-Šumburk to the newly opened Jára Cimrman Lighthouse 2.5 km away in Přichovice (with a significant height difference), is a new feature in 2013.


The major intersections on the main trail

1. Zlatá Olešnice – Na Vrších

07-rozhlledna-stepankaTurn-offs to individual municipalities join the trail at various places which gives rise to a system of circuits of various degrees of difficulty. From the "Na Vrších" intersection, it is possible to go:

  • to the centre of Zlatá Olešnice and then via the mountain village of Rejdice to Příchovice,
  • to Paseky nad Jizerou or to Vysoké nad Jizerou,
  • to join up with the cycle circuits around the Štěpánka lookout tower,
  • to Haratice and Plavy, from where it is possible to join the cycle trails in the environs of the Černá Studnice lookout tower,
  • to Velké Hamry and from there to the secret Terezínka and Muchov cliff-top viewing areas, then through the settlements of Zbytky and Berany (it is possible to see the bobsleigh run, which is unique in Europe, on the northern slopes of the Černá Studnice Ridge from the trail) around the Park Hotel to the centre of Smržovka and from there to Jiřetín pod Bukovou and Albrechtice v Jizerských horách (It is possible to get the lift with your bicycle in Albrechtice up to Tanvaldský Špičák, where there is a lookout tower with a restaurant).

2. Tanvald-Šumburk

The main nodal intersection of the cycle trails in Tanvald-Šumburk offers a number of options for the continuation of your trip:

  • 03-smrzovsky-viaduktyou can continue to the centre of the town up to the Koruna Hotel where you can join trail no. 3025. Climb past the Tanvald Hospital up to the Tanvaldská kotlina Campsite and then continue to Smržovka (where you can admire the nine-span railway viaduct). The trail continues in the direction of Berany as trail no. 4310 and it leads to the municipality of Zásada.
  • from the Koruna Hotel, it is possible to take trail no. 3025 and to head along the White Desná Valley to Desná where the cycle trail ends at the place where cycle trails 3019 and 3022 meet.
  • you can head along trail no. 4248 from Tanvald-Šumburk through Český Šumburk to Rejdice and the chairlift (where it is possible to be take the lift to the summit with your bicycle) and join the cycle trails with beautiful views of the romantic nature in the environs of Kořenov.
  • trail no. 3022 will take you via "Brumberk" and "Sladká díra" to Desná v Jizerských horách (where the Riedel Villa and tomb are located), then to Josefův Důl up to the "Na Kneipě" natural monument.

Hiking tips for the Tanvald Microregion

  • 05-tanvaldsky-spicakThe ascents to the Špičák, Štěpánka and Černá Studnice lookout towers will reward you with panoramic views of the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains.
  • The rocky Muchov peak, the Terezínka cliff above Tanvald or the Smržovka Lookout not only offer views of the environs, but also the mysterious atmosphere of sites which are swathed in legends.
  • The "pearl of our railway system", the Tanvald–Kořenov–Harrachov rack-and-pinion railway, which is the steepest and only rack-and-pinion line in the Czech Republic will be an experience for the whole family. The Tanvald Railway Association holds Nostalgic Rides with Historical Trains every year and it has also established the Rack-and-Pinion Railway Museum in the building of the Kořenov Railway Station (www.zubacka.cz).
  • Lovers of architecture and railways will enjoy the view of the railway viaduct in Smržovka. Experienced tunnel and bridge makers from Italy participated in the construction of the nine-span stone bridge dating from 1894 which enabled the railway to continue Tanvald to Liberec (www.smrzovka.cz).

The Polish cycling Mecca: Sklářská Poruba

The town of Sklářská Poruba, which is vying for the title of "Cycling Metropolis of Poland", is a Mecca for cyclists on the Polish side of the Giant Mountains. A network of the first 12 cycling trails with a total length of 278.3 km was opened in the area around Sklářská Poruba in 2001. The cycle trails in the area of the Giant Mountains and the Jizera Mountains predominantly lead along forest tracks which are mainly gravel; they only follow roads for motor vehicles to the minimum necessary extent. All of the cycle trails are circuits which can be arbitrarily combined. There are undemanding trails for beginners and difficult trails for adrenaline junkies. Some especially nice cycle trails lead through the Jizera Mountains: once you have overcome the slopes of Černá hora or Vysoký kámen and ride along the ridge of the Jizera Mountains, you can admire the beautiful panoramas of the surrounding Giant Mountains.