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Area of Tanvald - key to the Jizera Mountains

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We would like to invite you to see and enjoy the beauty of the Area of Tanvald. You will find the town of Tanvald surrounded with 12 villages and little towns at the foot of the Jizera Mountains, mostly located some 500 m above the sea level.

jizerske-hory-index-01The local tourist areas are attractive at any time of the year. In winter, there are tens of kilometres of cross-country skiing trails, many ski slopes and ski lifts, while in spring, summer and autumn hikers and bikers love to come.

Today’s Jizera Mountains, this is a real symbiosis of silence and mystery supported by modern tourist business. There are choices of sports challenge, relaxation and discovery.

The name of the Jizera Mountains is derived from the Jizera River. Its most important branch, called the Kamenice, takes most of the water throughout the Area of Tanvald. This is why the River Kamenice was chosen to be our guide to the towns and villages located along its banks. Let us lead you, following the stream, to have a break here and there or turn aside for a while, and get to know the natural, historical or cultural places – they are really worth seeing!

jizerske-hory-index-02When the Kamenice brings us along the Palacký Trail to the southern border of the Area of Tanvald, we will turn back to the town of Tanvald and set out northeast by train, a unique cog railway.

Wading the water, wiping dew off the rails, crossing on the bike or by car – welcome and enjoy. HAVE A NICE JOURNEY!